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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Arkadia Surfaces provides an exclusive cabinet service to our customers with a unique collection. Homeowners can choose any design, color, or material for their kitchens, with options for any budget that range from in-stock choices to semi- and completely custom-built cabinetry. All our cabinets feature deluxe plywood boxes, six-way adjustable, concealed hinges, and the soft-closing drawer glides that are so popular around the country.

Kith Kitchens
Custom kitchen cabinets

Key Features of Our Cabinetry

We take pride in selling the best-quality cabinets for kitchens or bathrooms at fair prices. Depending on your style, room measurements, and budget, cabinets can be semi-custom or custom made to order for a perfect fit in bathrooms, offices, media centers, and kitchens. Regardless of your choice, we always provide the best in terms of quality and modern designs. We have a mix of contemporary and traditional styles that will match hardwood flooring or your precious marble floors. The variety of colors in the wooden finishes from light to dark shades gives an exotic touch to your kitchen remodel.

Thanks to beautiful hardwood and quality craftsmanship, custom cabinets add real value to a home’s market price for years to come. We look at our custom-built cabinetry as both unique artwork and flawlessly functioning practical storage. If you’re moving to a new home and want to install a customized touch to your kitchen, our specialists are ready to extend full support.


Semi-custom cabinets for residential or commercial properties have more features or designs compared to in-stock cabinets without a huge jump in price. With a semi-custom option, you’ll be able to put your personal style stamp on the details for a lower price than completely custom wood cabinetry, including door racks, organizational inserts, roll-out shelves, and a large selection of hardware choices in any style or color to complement the rest of your home.

In-stock cabinets are the easiest and fastest way of finishing a new kitchen or bathroom design. Arkadia Surfaces offers a range of in-stock designer cabinets manufactured to fit the most common cabinet sizes and styles on the market. These cabinet options are available in fewer style, finish, and color choices, but if you find something you love, you’ll be able to have it installed for a great price and no waiting time.

Choose Arkadia Surfaces for Your Next Project

Arkadia Surfaces built its reputation by providing great pricing and a high level of customer service. When you choose us for your cabinetry project, you can expect:

  • Versatile product options: We have a distinct collection of cabinets and stone materials to choose from in order to create exotic and unique combinations to fit your home or design vision.
  • Experienced designers and specialists: Our team of experienced designers and specialists possess distinguished qualifications in their respective fields and have experience with residential and commercial projects.
  • Affordable pricing: Our cabinets and stone countertops always follow a fair and transparent pricing model for everyday low costs. We don’t overcharge our customers, and there are no hidden fees to discover down the line when you choose Arkadia Surfaces.

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