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Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Arkadia Surfaces provides creative materials and designs for kitchen backsplashes throughout Annapolis, Severna Park and Arnold, MD homes, from the smallest cottage to the grandest of chef’s kitchens. Our portfolio includes modern and abstract features with unique material choices for an eye-catching centerpiece, as well as fun motifs with flowers and animals that reflect the theme of a classic family kitchen. Contact our team today to learn more about the materials and techniques we can use to finish your kitchen design.

Beautiful blue backsplash in a white kitchen

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Nothing accentuates the beauty of your countertops and cabinets more than a meticulously designed backsplash. A well-thought-out backsplash composition—from material choice to layout and expert installation—can transform your kitchen. Arkadia Surfaces offers our customers the most unique natural stone backsplashes in addition to trendy glass backsplash tiles. We will present you with the right choices, carefully design your backsplash, and then install them with unparalleled workmanship based on your selections.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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