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Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures Services in Annapolis

The team at Arkadia Surfaces has years of professional experience helping homeowners with their home improvement projects on any budget. When you work with us, we’ll help you design a plan, select materials, cut or fabricate the products, and install it all on time and on budget. We guarantee your satisfaction with any of our services, including kitchen counters, exterior stonework, custom cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom installations, and more. Whether you have a complete design and simply need to choose the right stone or you need assistance starting from the very beginning and finding inspiration, Arkadia Surfaces is ready to help you make something beautiful. Serving Annapolis, Severna Park and Arnold, MD for your home improvement projects!

Unique stone kitchen countertop in Annapolis, Severna Park, Arnold MD

Countertop Materials and Installation

Your kitchen countertops are without a doubt the most noticeable element in the kitchen design. They can become both an eye-catching centerpiece and a naturally flowing element of the rest of your home when chosen properly. At Arkadia Surfaces, we’ll help you invest in a long-term countertop solution made from natural stone, like granite or marble. We supply homeowners around Annapolis with a wide range of countertop options in every color, texture, and style. When you come to us, our professional designers will take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your home design to help you pick a unique slab that completes your décor while improving your home’s market value.

renovated kitchen in Annapolis, Severna Park, Arnold MD

Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash can become a unique statement that finishes off your kitchen with personal style. Arkadia Surfaces can help you choose the right style of backsplash for a contemporary modern kitchen with abstract patterns or a classic farmhouse look with flower and animal motifs. Whatever your style or budget, Arkadia Surfaces has a creative solution that puts the final touches on your kitchen, making it a welcoming gathering space the whole family will enjoy.

Cladding and Outdoor Stonework

At Arkadia Surfaces, we specialize in natural and engineered stone surfaces. As a part of that offering and expertise, we frequently help residential and commercial clients with stone applications to both interior and exterior walls (also known as cladding). Customers choose cladding for a variety of rooms, including lobbies, bathrooms, entryways and foyers, patios, and barbecue grill areas. Arkadia Surfaces will help give your home or business a sense of timeless elegance by transforming a plain wall into a beautiful and unique stone feature.

If you’re interested in cladding, our team can help you select from both engineered stones like quartz and solid natural stones like granite and marble. Every slab is a unique reflection of your taste, and once you’ve made a decision, our professional installation team can make sure your stone solution is applied to your wall for a safe and durable finish.

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